E-MDI, Evident Mind Defined Influence – founded by Simon Johansen, Devotion Emotion
After having worked with hypnosis, and teached NLP influence communication for many years, he has come up with E-MDI – a new, fresh powerful field.

What is E-MDI?

  • Evident – Internal arguments become evident by using E-MDI.
  • Mind – Centered around the influence created by the mind.
  • Defined – The current behaviour is defined and redefined to become more supportive through internal arguments.
  • Influence – Own reality is impacted by the change of our thoughts to release limitations.

E-MDI – Evident Mind Defined Indfluence (Also called EMDI, or simply MDI) is a field in personal development and influence.
In short, E-MDI teaches the influence of thoughts. E-MDI differs greatly from other communication concepts as well as self-development concepts, as E-MDI does not focus on changing behavior, but merely changing internal arguments and beliefs.

A typical misunderstanding is to regard E-MDI as positive thinking. E-MDI is a concept that actively uses the phenomenon in which one’s thoughts define whether or not one’s behavior is supportive, no matter how reality is. E-MDI is a natural process that already happens unconsciously that can be used consciously to create powerful influence, motivation and development, etc.

Briefly on the E-MDI concept

E-MDI works with a completely different mindset. It’s a mindset that’s more neutral. When people experience different situations, these are typically divided into two categories – positive or negative, but E-MDI focuses more neutral on this and instead focuses on whether the situation is supportive or unsupportive.

Our belief system is based on how we view things internal and when we reconsider and redefine what is happening around us, we will create new strong opportunities for ourselves. Many self development fields focus on changing our behavior to create change.

E-MDI stands out because it insists that the current behavior might be the most appropriate and behavior does not necessarily have to be changed. However, this is only if the behavior can be backed up by an inner argument and strong internal representation. That way, E-MDI works on the basis that – you always do the right thing and already do the right thing on the basis of what you want to achieve.

E-MDI Guidelines

  • It’s not important if E-MDI is true – the most important thing is if it helps people.
  • E-MDI is designed to provide more options for all and should only be used with good intentions that brings only other people joy.
  • You define what success is for you.
  • The person with the strongest inner argument has the greatest influence on others.
  • Everything is an argument for why something can be supportive / unsupportive or why something works / does not work in accordance with what the person wants.
  • Inner arguments invite others to look at the situation in the same light, thus creating powerful influence.
  • One has an impact on everyone and everyone has an impact on one – Inner arguments are not limited to quantity but opinion.
  • When something works, it’s defined as if it works.
  • The current behavior is already the right one – the question is only if it is defined as supportive.
  • A definition and a result is the same.
  • If a situation can be defined as supportive, it can affect a better outcome.
  • Redefining a situation to be supportive is more powerful than changing your behavior.

E-MDI is an area of ​​influence in constant development.